Who’s Nina Dobrev matchmaking? The fancy frustrating staraˆ™s partnership condition

Who’s Nina Dobrev matchmaking? The fancy frustrating staraˆ™s partnership condition

Since that time The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has received a tremendous level of prefer from followers in every brand-new project that sheaˆ™s a part of. However, together future part as Natalie inside the Netflix flick appreciation rough, folks have grown interested in learning the lady dating lifetime.

Not only was Dobrev very skilled, but sheaˆ™s furthermore insanely gorgeous. This really is a fantastic fusion any time you inquire me personally! She constantly gets an exceptional performance in just about any movie or tv program sheaˆ™s cast in.

Whenever she has an on-screen fancy interest in a movie or series, the biochemistry is actually from the maps. A good example is the stronger chemistry she have together with her The Vampire Diaries co-stars, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Sheaˆ™s certainly a skillful celebrity!

Countless enthusiasts on the supernatural series need Dobrev currently certainly their co-stars in real world, and interestingly, she performed! Perhaps not considering the enthusiasts, without a doubt. Donaˆ™t stress. Weaˆ™ll let you know which co-star she outdated from supernatural show after.

Dobrev has received the girl fair share of publicized affairs, even though some might possibly be thought about flings, people happened to be long-lasting. Thus is actually Dobrev currently single, or is she from the industry? We share with you anything we know about Dobrevaˆ™s existing union status and listed below.

Is Nina Dobrev single?

Iaˆ™m sorry, guys. Dobrev is certainly not solitary. Sheaˆ™s at this time online dating a three-time Olympic silver medalist, and theyaˆ™ve come together for slightly over a-year. If you decided to search Dobrevaˆ™s Instagram account, youraˆ™d sooner or later look for a post about this lady puzzle beau.

Nina Dobrev sweetheart 2021

Perhaps you have browsed throughout Dobrevaˆ™s social media fund and discovered her date however? Really, weaˆ™re going to reveal the girl puzzle boyfriendaˆ™s term. Nina Dobrev is matchmaking THE incredibly talented Shaun White. Yes, weaˆ™re dealing with the expert snowboarder.

Relating to everyone Weekly, the two started dating at the beginning of 2020 and made it Instagram specialized in May 2020. In Summer 2021, White performed an interview with our team Weekly and talked about precisely how he and Dobrev recognized their one-year anniversary as a few. The guy planned to recreate their basic time, but because COVID-19 limitations, the majority of locations had been sealed. However, the guy persuaded the cafe in which he and Dobrev had their own basic day to open just for them. Exactly how passionate!

Nina Dobrev dating history

While we discussed earlier in the day, Dobrev has been in some community relationships and flings before. As reported by Popsugar, the most important commitment individuals know about had been this lady partnership with actor Ben Hollingsworth from 2006-2009. They never publically announced their own commitment, but Ben ended up being noticed at their 21st birthday celebration.

Another individual Dobrev had been rumored as dating was actor Evan Williams. She reportedly met your regarding the group of Degrassi and dated him in ’09. Now, weaˆ™ve reached anyone she dated through the Vampire Diaries. Outside of the two on-screen brothers, Dobrev was in a long-lasting union with star Ian Somerhalder. The happy couple got with each other for three decades before they split in 2013.

She next had a brief affair with pro dancer Derek Hough in 2013. She got reported to-be matchmaking him for six-weeks before they separate.

Dobrev is residing the woman better lifetime in 2014. She was reported getting internet dating stars Liam Hemsworth, James Marsden, Orlando Bloom, Derek Theler, and Chris material. But Chris material got probably the only actor she dated that year out from the five listed someone. We say this because Dobrev and wooden were posting personal photos ones with each other on caribbeancupid the social networking accounts during the time.

In 2015,Dobrev ended up being rumored becoming online dating Austin Stowell. They affirmed their unique connection in October 2015 on Twitter. But this union merely lasted for seven several months. After that, in July 2017, Dobrev ended up being affirmed to stay a relationship with Scream Queens star Glen Powell. After almost per year of online dating, the pair chose to call-it quits. In 2019, Dobrev dated screenwriter Grant Mellon for nearly annually before splitting up. Today, sheaˆ™s currently dating Shaun light.

Ninaaˆ™s newer Netflix flick falls in the streamer on Nov. 5. Will you be watching admiration complex when it premieres on Netflix?

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