Uber drivers under research for offering cost-free drive in exchange for gay sex

Uber drivers under research for offering cost-free drive in exchange for gay sex

He states the Orlando-based drivers he matched with had other things on their brain than getting from sex hookup sites Nottingham point A to point B.

While local information station WESH 2 actually supplying every lurid facts, it isn’t really simple to understand with this screenshot just what driver ended up being after:

Two things be noticed right here: One, the offer is actually succinct and contains the necessary info to really make the bargain happen, which means this can’t be the very first time this drivers did this. And two – the drivers keeps a great 5-star score?! perhaps he understands just what he is carrying out.

a€?I found myself surprised. They sensed uncomfortable,a€? the guy said, including, a€?Of course We terminated the Uber. But I was uneasy calling another Uber. You realize, I became considering phoning unemployed.a€?

An Uber spokesperson mentioned the firm wants inside circumstance as well as the drivers possesses paid back Martson’s $5 cancelation fee for the time being.


I consent together with proposal got so bad which he around could not choose run?? Although In addition imagine the Uber driver should get a hold of an easier way to hookup and I can see your are discharged over something similar to this.

I proposition dudes quite frequently. You would certainly be amazed what amount of say yes for some style of conversation. But others simply state no that is certainly they. I got one guy not too long ago let me know as he had been more youthful he’d have punched me personally within the face for proposal and that I merely reminded him by using age will come wisdom. Next, he jerked himself before me inside sauna. He discover the proposal exciting. People!


Reminds me in the policeman during my neck of this forest who does pull-over dudes leaving the remove nightclub and approach the vehicle along with his dick away. Without a doubt he had been at some point reported and forgotten their tasks but I’ve constantly wondered the amount of got him on his a€?propositiona€? in order to prevent a DUI… or because… well… simply because…..


Only makes myself laugh! If you are an unbiased company for uber.. Uber should tread lightly unless they’ve the correct finalized docs with a moral clause!! Whether they have that, reasonable game!

You can’t create reports such as this! Inside my career, i can not tell you how many times something like this taken place!


We trust Wayne in NYC. does everything have to be dramatic and your outrage from the web or TV? unless you need the hook-up only say no and continue on with everything. If you need their a quarter-hour of reputation obtain it with some thing you have got in fact achieved. End being a Drama King


anyone who enters a Lyft or Uber trucks was nuts really does no criminal background checks they don’t have to be approved you have no idea that is travel you. Absolutely numerous reported occurrences of motorists who discriminate against Gays. just nowadays it actually was reported a driver pulled a gun and stated he desires eliminate all Gays. Additionally keep track of your moves and whereabouts every second of the day whether or not in just one of their own automobiles or not We stay with the great conventional taxi cab motorists at least you-know-who’s driving your


PERFORMS PROPERLY. You don’t need to worry about those close old-fashioned taxi drivers because currently they are prone to kill by themselves v eliminate your because they’re despondent towards million money medallions they bought to use their particular taxis. But, what makes you would imagine they are reliable or you know something about all of them? Because they’re vetted while Uber people are not? You’re joking your self. Average taxi people are not vetted any more than Uber people include.

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